Morro materials are produced using non-chemically modified natural polymers

As a truly plastic-free solution, they are exempt from regulations such as the Single-Use Plastic Directive and the ECHA’s proposed restriction on intentionally added microplastics.

UK households throw away a staggering 100 billion pieces of plastic packaging every year

90 percent of cosmetics products contain microplastics. Laundry liquids and cleaning products contain plastics too.

In developing truly sustainable, natural alternatives to fossil fuel plastics, we stop the carbon intensive process of plastic production and cut plastic pollution at source. Best of all, our products are ‘drop-in’ solutions, which are compatible with existing manufacturing processes and machinery.

Our materials can also be combined with recyclable materials, such as cardboard or paper, without compromising their recyclability.

Morro marque

The Morro marque indicates where plastic free, high-performing, sustainable plant-based materials have been used to make products in a way that is good for the planet. The Morro marque – which will come with every product using Morro’s materials – is a badge for a better future.

Our accreditations

At each stage of the process, our technical team conduct rigorous internal tests, validated by independent external testing according to today’s standards. We work with certification bodies to develop improved standards that capture the full sustainability proposition of Morro materials.

Finding out more

To find out more about Morro and our range of plastic free materials, please get in touch.

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