Morro Soluble Film

Morro Soluble Film

Our films replace the ‘soluble’ plastics presently used to wrap dishwasher tablets and laundry pods.


Why Morro Soluble Film?


Creating plastic-free soluble films


How can Morro Soluble Film be used?

Greener cleaning and greener laundry

Conventional dishwasher tablets and laundry pods rely on ‘soluble’ plastic wrappings to protect them in storage or transit. Morro Soluble Film is a natural, plastic-free replacement that keeps dishwasher tablets and laundry pods ready-to-use with a more sustainable alternative.

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How is Morro Soluble Film manufactured?

Morro materials are a drop-in solution. That means no changes are required to machinery or manufacturing processes to use our material. By using existing production lines and technology, we dramatically reduce the cost and time required to go plastic free.

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Personal care applications

Alongside laundry and dishwasher wrapping, Morro Soluble Film can be used as a single-use flexible sachet to package personal care products, such as shower gel, shampoos and moisturisers.

Offering the necessary functional properties, the packaging can be dissolved in hot or cold water after use, leaving nothing behind.

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Why consumers need soluble film

Around the globe, 855 billion plastic sachets are produced and used each year. These are generally food or chemical contaminated, since some of their contents always remain in the packaging after use. Morro Soluble Film provides a natural alternative, enabling single-serve items to be provided to consumers without plastic pollution.

Meanwhile, across the world, people rely on dishwasher tablets and laundry pods that dissolve in the wash. Yet recent evidence shows the plastics in these products do not fully breakdown, posing a threat to the marine environment and to soils, as they wash away. Morro soluble films replace these materials with a natural polymer which matches the functionality of plastic but dissolves completely when it is washed away.

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Our technology.

Morro materials are made from plants which are engineered and processed to create versatile and sustainable materials that protect and deliver products and ingredients without harming the planet.

Partnering with us

Our team of experts is deeply committed to making the world a better place. We’re here to help your company transition away from polluting plastics by offering time-saving prototyping, cost reduction through in-house testing, and valuable market insights for compelling customer propositions

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Shaping a sustainable future

As environmentally conscious consumers, our choices have the power to shape the market and influence companies to adopt more sustainable practices. Products like those offered by Morro, a pioneer in sustainable materials, give us a unique opportunity to drive positive change.

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