Morro Edible Film

Morro Edible Film

Flexible films are amongst the most polluting plastics on the planet. But what if you could not only replace single-use packaging, but you could eat it too?

Used to wrap a whole range of products, this food grade natural packaging presents an entirely new experience for environmentally conscious consumers.


Benefits of Morro Edible Film


Creating Morro Edible Film


What can Morro Edible Film package?

Replacing polluting plastics

Around 36% of all plastics produced are used in packaging. This includes single-use plastic for food, of which approximately 85% ends up in landfills or as mismanaged waste.

Plastic sachets are amongst the most polluting plastics and are almost impossible to recycle. Each year, we produce and use over 855 billion sachets which will end up in landfill or as waste in the natural environment. Single-use sachets are convenient for customers, keeping food fresh and providing single serve portions.

Morro Edible Film is a completely natural alternative, made just from plants. Providing the same convenience for consumers, without the pollution.

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How is it manufactured?

Morro Edible Film is a drop-in solution. That means no changes are required to machinery or manufacturing processes to use our material. By using existing production lines and technology, we dramatically reduce the cost and time required to go plastic free.

What is it made from?

Morro Edible Film is made from food-grade plant materials. It is natural, vegan and gluten free and means consumers can actually eat their packaging by dissolving the material in hot water. When used to wrap products such as stock cubes and seasoning packets, this provides an entirely new consumer experience unlike anything on the market.

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Products using edible films

Morro Edible Film can be used to protect a whole range of products. Ingredients such as stock cubes, seasoning and soup sachets can easily be dissolved in hot water, packaging and all. Meanwhile, other food products benefit from our edible film as it can safely be eaten by wildlife in the event it ends up in the natural environment.

What’s coming next?

Alongside stock cubes and seasonings, our breakthrough material can be used to wrap a range of FMCG ambient goods, such as pasta, rice or pulses. This enables single-use portions, as well as eliminating polluting flexible plastics.

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Our world-first with Gousto

Working with meal kit company Gousto, the world’s first edible stock cube wrapper was launched using Morro Edible Film. Made from pea protein, the first recipe box sold out in under an hour.

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Our technology.

Morro materials are made from plants which are engineered and processed to create versatile and sustainable materials that protect and deliver products and ingredients without harming the planet.

Partnering with us

Our team of experts are deeply committed to making the world a better place. We’re here to help your company transition away from polluting plastics by offering time-saving prototyping, cost reduction through in-house testing, and valuable market insights for compelling customer propositions.

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Shaping a Sustainable Future

As environmentally conscious consumers, our choices have the power to shape the market and influence companies to adopt more sustainable practices. Products like those offered by Morro, a pioneer in sustainable materials, give us a unique opportunity to drive positive change.

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