Partnering with us

Morro is used by manufacturers, brands and converters to deliver plastic free solutions

Our range of Morro materials can protect and deliver products and ingredients without harming the planet.


Our partnerships:

  • Replace synthetic polymers with plastic-free natural polymers
  • Require no additional machinery or equipment
  • Future-proof companies against regulation on polluting plastics

How we can help

Our team of experts:

  • Understand the challenges industry faces and know how to deliver a compelling proposition for consumers
  • Help you achieve a seamless transition from your current material to Morro plastic free materials
  • Reduce your costs through our in-house testing, ensuring Morro materials come to you ready for use


Your machines, our materials

One of the biggest challenges in bringing any new material to the market is the capital expense already invested in machinery at leading packaging, coating and film manufacturers.

Morro materials do not require customers to adapt or change their machines – we adapt our material and manufacturing processes to match existing equipment.

That means lower cost for brands, greater choice for consumers and a faster route to putting the power to do good in everyone’s hands.







We work with brands

Morro works with everyone, from the biggest multinational brands to innovative start-ups providing high performing, plastic-free materials.

We provide the facilities to evaluate our products and materials in a partner’s chosen application, leading both lab testing and trials during the development of sample products.

Our FMCG expertise, your supply chain.

Morro’s expert team has a wealth of experience in industry and offers a unique understanding of the R&D, supply chains and manufacturing processes at the centre of brands’ work.

Through careful planning and testing with your R&D teams, we ensure Morro materials meet your needs and those of your customers.

We work with converters

Morro works with converters to move away from plastics to natural materials. Our expert team bridge the gap between research and application.

Whether you coat, cast, spray dry, or something different altogether, our team can provide you with all the support you need to make Morro materials a success for your product.

A drop-in solution

Morro materials can be implemented at scale because they drop-in to the existing supply chain. Our team, recruited from across industry and academia, is ready to support converters every step of the way in the transition to Morro.

We work with manufacturers

Morro materials are an opportunity for manufacturers of chemical resins and food grade materials to move away from toxic plastic.

And Morro Nutri can even be used within liquids to ‘micropackage’ nutrients, protecting them from UV rays, pasteurisation and pH imbalance.

Our process is safe, sustainable, and suitable for a wide range of potential manufacturing partners. Morro produces the materials of tomorrow using today’s infrastructure.

Tomorrow’s material, available today

Morro materials are a unique new class of natural polymers, but the production process is compatible with common existing equipment.  And our expert team is here to help make it happen for your product.

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Finding out more

To find out more about Morro and our range of plastic free materials, please get in touch.

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