Morro materials: Food and beverage innovation for the industry

22nd December 2023 Blog

In 2023 the Xampla team were proud to attend the Plant Based World Expo and Sustainable Food London to share more about the unique food and beverage applications of Morro technology.

First and foremost, we shared how Morro Nutri can unlock a healthier future with food and drink fortification.

Our plant-based microcapsules are designed to protect vitamins and nutrients from UV light, pH and heat shock by encapsulating them in an edible layer of our natural material.  This not only improves their stability by ensuring full potency throughout shelf-life, but also enables the enteric release of the encapsulated vitamins.

As the world grapples with the urgent need to combat climate change and food scarcity, the UN have suggested that we must reduce greenhouse gases by 43% by 2030 to reach net zero and avoid the worst impacts of global warming. As a result, plant-based diets are emerging as a favourable choice for the planet.[1]

While these diets carry a lower greenhouse gas impact, at present, their universal accessibility; affordability; and appeal remain challenges. The shift also poses a potential shortfall of essential micronutrients in our diets.

For example, plant-based diets bear the risk of overlooking Vitamin D, predominantly found in meat, dairy, eggs, and fish, meaning concentrated supplements and fortified foods are essential for guaranteeing D2 and D3 levels.

In my presentation at Plant Based World, this concern was addressed by emphasising the significance of fortification in ensuring that individuals embracing plant-based diets receive the necessary vitamins and minerals.


Large multinational corporations include the production and distribution of products, shaping the global food landscape and the choices available to consumers. Morro Nutri is designed to add value to brands and gives people the choice to make healthier decisions.

Our high-performing material opens up exciting new paths for product development, including food and beverage fortification through our nutrient microcapsule application.

Our partnership with soft drinks manufacturer, Britvic, is a tangible manifestation of Morro Nutri’s impact – allowing consumers to get more vitamins and nutrients out of the products they already know and love. This unlocks the potential for drinks to be fortified with any oil-based vitamins or flavourings, without changing the taste of a product.

At these industry leading events, we were also proud to showcase Morro Edible Film, a wholly biodegradable and natural alternative to to flexible plastic that can be safely consumed at the end of life.

The vegan and gluten-free material can be used to wrap a range of food products and is created as a food-grade ‘cook-in’ application. This provides consumers with a unique experience: packaging they can eat!

Morro materials, such as Morro Nutri and Morro Edible Film, are not just meeting the challenges posed by shifting dietary patterns and climate change but actively contributing to a future where healthier choices and sustainable practices coexist in the food and beverage industry.

If you’d like to know more about Morro Nutri or Morro Edible Film, please get in touch.





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