Packaging News – ‘Xampla launches consumer brand to compete with plastic packaging’

16th October 2023 Media

Material manufacturer Xampla has launched its first consumer brand – Morro.

The “Morro marque” will indicate where high-performing, sustainable, plant-based materials have been used to make products in a way that is good for the planet.

The announcement comes as a survey of 2,000 UK adults showed more than half (54%) see plastic as a “material of the past”.

Some 76% of respondents prefer their products ‘to come in natural, plastic free packaging that can be composted at home or taken by the council alongside food waste’.

The technology is completely plastic-free, and the material is not chemically modified, which Xampla says ensures it is able to break down with food waste and even in the sea or soil if it accidentally ends up there.

“The polling data shows that the public is already ahead of industry in seeing that plastic’s days are numbered. With the public ever more acutely aware of the dangers of plastic pollution and carbon cost of producing it, consumers are ready for an innovative and practical alternative. Morro will enable brands to make an easy switch away from single-use plastics, and our breakthrough material can do things plastic never could.”

Pete Hutton Executive Chair at Xampla

 25 September 2023

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